Study Abroad

The Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS is building a number of relationships and can help facilitate your applications. Check the list of options that CIPE has available.  

Fangchen Zhu

A Semester and Summer Abroad AY2017/18 (Semester 2) at Yale University

I spend the Spring semester of my junior year in Yale University and extended my stay over the summer to work in a research lab at Yale School of Medicine. I chose to go to Yale because I wanted to work in a lab there and also because they offered neuroscience and cognitive science classes, which were not offered in Yale-NUS. It was a truly eye-opening experience to learn about the development in understanding human cognition and it got me interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. After coming back from my sem abroad, I have spent more time learning about computational methods to use in my research in the future.

Shaun Lim

A Year Abroad AY2016/17 at ETH Zürich

I studied abroad at ETH Zürich for two semesters during my junior year. While Yale-NUS College provides great overall breadth in its curriculum, ETH focuses more on depth within the Life Sciences, while simultaneously exploring the numerous fields within the subject. Together, these curricula have created a holistic learning experience for me. Not only do I understand topics within my major with substantial detail, but I am also able to supplement this knowledge with skills developed from other subject areas.

Helen Jin

A Semester Abroad AY2015/16 (Semester 2) at University of Pennsylvania 

The second semester of my sophomore year, I went on a study abroad semester at the University of Pennsylvania. I had originally gone there to study business and economics at the prestigious Wharton School of Business. However, I fell in love with life sciences instead. My favourite class by far was a vertebrate anatomy class in which we got to do a lot of dissections, and it was from this class that I realised just how much I loved learning about anatomy. It was also from this class that I decided to pursue a career in medicine, as a surgeon (hopefully!), which allowed me to come back to Yale-NUS inspired and with renewed vigour.