Programme Description


Class of 2020 onwards

The Life Sciences major requires students to complete 54 Modular Credits (MC) including a capstone project that is worth 10 MC

Gateway Modules

Select three modules from: YSC2216 Evolutionary Biology, YSC2233 Genetics, YSC3241 Computational and Systems Biology, YSC3233 Molecular & Cellular Biology

Methods Module

Students need to complete YSC2202 Biology Laboratory

Elective Modules

Students select any four modules from the list of life sciences modules, with at least one module at the 4000 level: YSC2247 Ecology & Ecosystems, YSC2235 Field Research, YSC2231 Foundations of Neuroscience, YSC2234 Human Biology, YSC2236 Microbiomes, YSC2241 Plant Biology, YSC3235 Animal Behaviour, YSC3214 Biochemistry, YSC3251 Conservation Biology, YSC3253 Coral Reefs and Environmental Change, YSC3238 Developmental Biology, YSC4211A Advanced Topics: Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology: Heredity and Epigenetics, YSC4211B Advanced Topics: Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology: Stem Cells

Advanced and Capstone Modules

Students need to complete YSC3215 Research Seminar and YSC 4102 Life Sciences Capstone Project. The capstone project will typically be a guided, independent project in laboratory or field research. During the first semester of the Capstone, there will be a seminar component.  Students will begin preparing for the project no later than the third year with the Life Sciences Research Seminar, culminating in a proposal for their fourth year project. Students are encouraged to engage in research earlier in their college years, but the capstone project is required as an intensive research experience that will typically involve the development of hypotheses, design of experiments, collection and interpretation of data, and oral and written presentations of research findings. Proposals for alternative types of capstone projects that do not involve original research, such as policy papers, or the production of educational videos, will be considered with the approval of the Head of Studies.



Class of 2020 onwards

Students must complete 5 Life Sciences modules. There are no other requirements.